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The change history of DeleGate

-- SEE ./doc/Manual.htm FOR MORE DETAILS -- -- SEE ./README FOR MORE CONCISE RELEASE NOTES -- -- SEE FOR THE LATEST CHANGES -- 9.9.13 fix-141031b delegated.c: DGROOT is set but not eval. (141028c) 9.9.13 fix-141028c delegated.c: suppress making LOGFILE until DGROOT is set. 9.9.13 fix-141028b smtp.c: SEGV in sendmail() for NOTIFY by fprintf(NULL,...) 9.9.13 new-141023a conf.c: added DGCONF=${EXEDIR}/../etc/${EXENAME}.conf 10.0.0 new-141005b nntpgw.c: folding long lines 10.0.0 new-141005a nntpgw.c: introduced MHGWCONF=show:all,buttons,source,ngroup,markup,fromaddr,org,time,gmt,citehead,sign 10.0.0 rel-140928d 10.0.0-pre4 internal release -------------- 9.9.12 rel-140928c 9.9.12 release -------------- 9.9.12 mod-140928a htfilter.[hc]: extracted from httpd.c and http.h 10.0.0 new-140927e commands.c: introduced "-Ftruncate file size" 9.9.12 new-140927b httpd.c: hyper linking uppercase only NAME with "?NAME" 10.0.0 mod-140927a httplog.c: default PROTOLOG to ":%X %D" from "%C %D" 9.9.12 new-140926b any2fdif.c: ignoring lines starting with # in making digest 10.0.0 new-140922b {service,http}.c: introduced CHOKE to choke robots by delay 10.0.0 fix-140922a delegated.c: fixed continuous "get{host|peer}name(0) failed, errno=88 (non-socket)" (140914a) 10.0.0 new-140919b maxima.[hc],*.c: gathered MAXIMA and status info. 10.0.0 fix-140914a delegated.c: putting MainConn on the stack of the service thread on Windows 9.9.12 fix-140913d: dgsign.c: stopped VStr overflow on signing binary file 9.9.12 fix-140913c: dgsign.c: finding '{'XXXSIGN=...} split by buffer 10.0.0 new-140912c: -fb option to negate -f option 9.9.12 fix-140912a access.c: clearing Conn. for testing permission (140713d) 10.0.0 new-140902b caps.c: introduced CAPSKEY for anonymous host 10.0.0 fix-140901a {htccx,httphead}.c: VStr overflow by long Cookie with encoded expire and path (140820e) 10.0.0 new-140830b gates/*: bulding Gates.o from object codes in source distribution 10.0.0 new-140829l rfc822.c: extracting address and comment part from email address 10.0.0 new-140829i smtpgate.c: introduced SMTPGATE Max-Mbox-Name:N 10.0.0 new-140829c smtpgate.c: reject mail with To: "xxx" by OPTION:rgm 10.0.0 rel-140828j 10.0.0-pre2 internal release -------------- 9.9.12 rel-140828i 9.9.12-pre2 release -------------- 9.9.12 mod-140828h {DG9note,DGXnote}.html: merged two notes 9.9.12 fix-140828g master.c: fixed REJECT=proto not to forbid any access to MOUNTed destination 10.0.0 mod-140828f access.c: disabled Ident. protocol by default (enabled by -EId) 10.0.0 new-140828e cgi.c: REMITTABLE=+,-ssi to forbid all of SHTML 10.0.0 new-140828d cgi.c: REMITTABLE=+,-cgi to forbid all of CGI 10.0.0 new-140828c conf.c: added REMITTABLE=+,cgi,ssi by default for HTTP 10.0.0 new-140828b service.c: service_permittetX() to check accessible service 9.9.12 fix-140827c mimehead.c: recover encoding env. when a chacter is poped 9.9.12 new-140826f any2fdif.c: included modifications in 10.0.0 to 9.9.12 9.9.12 fix-140826e mimehead.c: realized UNGETC not by round-robin but stack 9.9.12 fix-140826c mimehead.c: don't split multi-bytes char. into 2 e-words 9.9.12 fix-140826b mimehead.c: MIME header decoding for output line to be folded (140606b) 9.9.12 new-140825c httpx.c: delayed stack error log after stack shrinked 9.9.12 new-140825b conf.c: logging EXEC_PATH at invocation and showing in -Fver 9.9.12 fix-140825a delegated.c: getting path of executable by relative name and without "." in PATH as a service on Windows 9.9.12 mod-140824d netsh.c: using Cygwin user's HOME when run as a service 9.9.12 mod-140824c windows.c: forwarding Cygwin user's HOME to service 9.9.12 new-140823h netsh.c: fallback to c:/cygwin/bin/bash.exe on CYGWIN 9.9.12 new-140823e http.c: don't regard server side reset of CONNECT as non-HTTPS 9.9.12 mod-140823d {inets,rescache}.c: reduced trials of detecting inactive NIS for default RESOLV 10.0.0 mod-140822d dgauth.c: new format of NonceKey into "noncekeyX" 9.9.12 fix-140821e smtpgate.c: folding long Received: 9.9.12 fix-140820g httpx.c: set Host for SSI-include from http://Host 10.0.0 new-140820f {http,access}.c: introduced RELAY=ssi[connMap] 10.0.0 new-140820e ssi.c: return Set-Cookie form SSI#incldue in HTTP-EQUIV 10.0.0 mod-140820b conf.c: the default is changed to LOGDIR='log[date+/y%y/m%m/%d]' 10.0.0 new-140820a Manual.htm: merged Maunaul.htm for DG9 and DGX 9.9.12 new-140819b http.c: return HTTP response 404 if ?part is not found 10.0.0 new-140819a CHANGES: shared CHANGELOG between 9.9 and 10.0 9.9.12 new-140818j httpx.c: return SSI#incldue error and record into LOGFILE 10.0.0 rel-140817o 10.0.0-pre1 internal release -------------- 9.9.12 rel-140817n 9.9.12-pre1 release -------------- 9.9.12 ref-140817m syncronized between 9.9.12-pre1 and 10.0.0-pre1 9.9.12 new-140817l ssi.c: intrdouced 9.9.12 new-140817i filter.c: introduced -tee-y option like -t but with year prefix 10.0.0 fix-140817f any2fdif.c: suppressed indexing a link in LINKS duplicatedly 10.0.0 fix-140817e any2fdif.c: fixed full-url in LINKS 9.9.12 fix-140815a cgi.c: stop inheritance of TMPFILE buffer for SHTML from CGI 9.9.12 fix-140814e url.c: corrected making #label be absolute with tag (result of new-140727m) 9.9.12 fix-140814c httpx.c: coped with SSI loop in virtual URL (if loop in MOUNT with moved exists)(result of fix-140810e) 9.9.12 new-140813e ssi.c: include HTML text as plain-test by 9.9.12 new-140813d ssi.c: include text asis by 9.9.12 fix-140813c ssi.c: fixed "#plainpre" to make it work 9.9.11 rel-140813b 9.9.11 release -------------- 9.9.11 rel-140813a 9.9.11-pre3 release -------------- 9.9.11 new-140812a {http,url}.c: automatic absolutization of "?query" without script name 9.9.11 new-140810f url.c: rewriting response URL based on VBASE 9.9.11 mod-140810e ssi.c: made SSI include use virtual URL by default 9.9.11 new-140810d {ssi,ddi}.c: push/pop VBASE before/after SSI 9.9.11 doc-140810b Manual.htm: modified to use ${SELF} and ${VBASE} to be able to rename 9.9.11 fix-140810a httpx.c: prevented possible stack overflow by deep SSI recursion 9.9.11 new-140809h url.c: introduced ${SELF} prefix for URL to be substituted with self url 9.9.11 new-140809f ssi.c: introduced to be used in url.c 9.9.11 new-140809e url.c: introduced ${VBASE} prefix for URL to be substitued with defined VBASE 9.9.11 new-140809d ssi.c: made
 for included plain test by the style "#plainpre"
9.9.11 new-140809c ssi.c: introduced ${QUERY_STRING} and ${QUERY_STRING?sring} in virtual url
9.9.11 fix-140808b ssi.c: convert URLs in included HTML to full-url to be reverse MOUNTed
9.9.11 mod-140807j httpd.c: link "[ALL]" to "base.html?.whole#label"
9.9.11 rel-140807i 9.9.11-pre2 release --------------
10.0.0 new-140807h filetype.c: introduced ".stxt" equal to ".txt"
9.9.11 fix-140807b {bcounter,cache}.c: removed "VStr overflow" with COUNTER enabled
10.0.0 new-140806b {ssi,httphead}.c: returning HTTP header as Set-Cookie in HTTP-EQUIV in HTML
10.0.0 new-140806a {httpx,httphead}.c: forwarding HTTP header as Cookie to URLget() for SSI incldue
10.0.0 new-140804d setup: build and
9.9.11 fix-140803i dgsign.c: fixed -Fimp to work (broken in v9.9.7-pre24)
9.9.11 fix-140731c {ssi,httphead}.c: SSI virtual url mapping as virtual host
9.9.11 new-140730d httpd.c: inherit  tag for each part
10.0.0 new-140730b nntpgw.c: jumping to article by ?JumpToArticle=group:anum
10.0.0 new-140730a nntpgw.c: coped with access by POST
10.0.0 new-140729d nntpgw.c: hyper link with style
10.0.0 new-140729c nntpgw.c: jumping to reference via INPUT/submit as ?JumpToReference=MessageID
10.0.0 new-140728k any2fdif.c: introduced "-y include" option
9.9.11 new-140728j httpd.c: introduced ".whole" part as Manual.htm?.whole
9.9.11 rel-140727r 9.9.11-pre1 release --------------
10.0.0 new-140727m {url,html}.c: fullify even #label by URICONV=+ URICONV=fullall:+
10.0.0 new-140727g {url,html}.c: make URL relative if applicable in reverse URL rewriting with URICONV=+ URICONV=relative:+ (might be the default in v10)
9.9.11 fix-140727f ssi.c: suppressed rewriting to full-url for local resouces included by SSI
9.9.11 fix-140727a httpd.c: fixed MOUNT="/vpath/* cgi:/rpath/*" for CGI with/without /extra/path like script.cgi/extra/path?query (broken in 8.6.0 030522)
9.9.11 fix-140726a {http,httphead}.c: partializing URL in HTML response included by SSI
9.9.11 fix-140725a httpd.c: added ".htm" to "executable" file, for SSI
9.9.11 new-140724i httpd.c: removing comment in part filter
9.9.11 new-140724h httpd.c: include