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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / CHOKE
CHOKE parameter*    ==  CHOKE=Choking:Client:Ua:Referer:Url:Server:Protocol
                    --  default: none
    This parameter integrates clients-choking functions scattered around parameters and options including DELAY, MAXIMA, MOUNT, RELIABLE, SCREEN, and -Eri. It is mainly intended to choke robots, spammers and attackers, but can be applied generally to any clients.
    At the first field, Choking specifies restriction to be applied to a request. Following fields specifies a set of conditions to detect requests to which the Choking is applied. A Choking is applied when all of conditions match the specified conditions (to be combined by AND operation). All of condition fields can be empty and an empty filed is regarded as matched. A series of empty conditions to the end can be omitted.
    Multiple CHOKE parameters can be specified and are combined by OR operation. CHOKE parameters are scanned in the specified order and the scanning stops at the firstly matched CHOKE.
    To test if CHOKE parameters work as intended, an option "-Fchoke" is provided. It is applied to PROTOLOG file in an extended common logfile format (extended by "%X" to record Referer and User-Agent). For example it is used as bellow:
    % delegated CHOKE=... -Fchoke < 80.http

    At the beginning of each line in output, "-Fchoke" inserts the result of robot detection and access control.
    "-Fchoke" with "-sa" option simulates access control parameters including CHOKE, RELIABLE, REACHABLE, REMITTABLE, PERMIT, REJECT, and SCREEN.
    % delegated RELIABLE=... REACHABLE=... CHOKE=... -Fchoke -sa < 80.http