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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / TIMEOUT-io
shutout -- disarming emergent shutout set on fatal error [1800]
dns -- for DNS lookup [10]
dnsinv -- for DNS inverse lookup [6]
nis -- for NIS lookup [3]
acc -- for accept from client (include FTP data connection) [10]
con -- for connection to the server [10]
lin -- LINGER for output [30]
authorizer -- expiration of authorization by AUTHORIZER [unlimited]
dgnonce -- for AUTHORIZER=-dgauth (lifetime of "nonce") [60]
ident -- for connection to Ident server [1]
rident -- for receiving RIDENT=client info. [1.0]
io -- general I/O (no data transmission) [600]
silence -- no data transmission either from client or server [0] (applicable only to tcprelay)
hello -- for HELLO negotiation with the MASTER [30]
login -- for login to proxy (Telnet,FTP,SOCKS) [60]
daemon -- delegated [unlimited]
restart -- cause restart at every specified period [unlimited]
standby -- keep the delegated alive on standby for next client [30]
takeover -- taking over a downloading to cache after client's disconnection [5]
(after the disconnection of the client which initiated the downloading)
ftpcc -- for keeping alive FTP Connection Cache [120]
nntpcc -- for keeping alive NNTP Connection Cache [300]
http-cka -- (replaced by HTTPCONF=tout-cka)
cfistat -- for status information from -s,filter [1.0]