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gateway for sftp/SSH by DeleGate

Yutaka Sato
August 5, 2005

DeleGate/9.0.4 supported gatewaying sftp/SSH server for FTP or HTTP clients. DeleGate to do the gatewaying for FTP or HTTP is invoked as a (reverse) proxy as follows respectively:

With these DeleGates, the data at "sftp://User@SftpServer/path" can be accessed as "ftp://User@DeleGate/path" or "http://DeleGate/path" respectively.

Note: these DeleGate requires to be able to execute "ssh" command because it uses "ssh" command as a translator from ftp command to sftp/SSH protocol. This gatewaying is not implemented on MS-Windows.

You can combine the sftp/SSH gateway with the TLS(SSL) gateway like this for example:

Multiple sftp/SSH servers can be served by a single gateway like this for example:

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