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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate/9.4.3 (ALPHA) -- fixed UDP and FTP over SOCKS, restarting on SIGHUP
08 Feb 2007 07:33:32 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project

Dear DeleGate users,

I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows:
DeleGate/9.4.3 (ALPHA) -- fixed UDP and FTP over SOCKS, restarting on SIGHUP

- Introduced generic authentication with upstream proxy by FORWARD
  Generalized FORWARD to represent combinations of CONNECT, PROXY, SOCKS,
  MASTER, and SSLTUNNEL, possibly with the authentication with each
  upstream proxy.

  The full specification format of FORWARD has become as follows:


  It can be as this for a SOCKS server:


  which is equivalent to this:

    SOCKS="host:port:*.domain" MYAUTH=user:pass:socks:host:port

- Improved relaying UDP over SOCKS
  As well as the routing TCP connections on chained SOCKS, routing UDP
  packets (UDP ASSOCIATE) to upstream SOCKS servers based on the destination
  of the packet (indicated in the SOCKS message) is enabled.
  Also the authentication with the upstream SOCKS server for UDP relay
  is enabled.  Such routing can be specified with (multiple) ROUTE
  (or FORWARD) parameters with authentication (user name and pass word) for
  each SOCKS server.<URL:>
  In the following example, TCP connections or UDP packets to hosts in
  ".domain1" is forwarded to the SOCKS server at "host1:port1" which
  authenticates its clients by user name "user1" with password "pass1".


  It can be represented as follows if without authentication.


- Fixed relaying FTP over SOCKS
  fixed freezing data-connection after an error result like unknown file
  fixed forced "readonly" with SOCKSTAP=ftp

- Enabled relaying FTP over SSL-tunnel
  to be specified as SERVER=ftp SSLTUNNEL=host:port (restriction: PASV only)

- Fixed resolver configuration parameters
  RES_CONF and RES_NS is ignored when RESOLV is specified (since 9.2.2)

- Fixed restarting DeleGate on SIGHUP or auto. restart on config. error
  fixed not to wait daemon process in foreground without tty (9.4.0)
  fixed to retry detection of default resolvers on restart
  fixed to close file-descriptors which will not be used on restart

- Extended and fixed conversion of JIS characters
  enabled CHARCODE=charcode:tosv with SERVER=telnet and tcprelay
  coped with detecting UTF-8 mixed in EUC-JP context
  added application of "SVCC" to conditional CHARCODE=charcode:tocl:cond.
  added conversion from half-width to full-width Kana in the same charcode
  fixed miss-judging UTF-8 mixed in Shift_JIS context (since 9.2.0)
  fixed miss-application of conversion to non-Japanese characters (9.4.2)
  fixed conversion error on relaying multiple files in different charcodes


  SITE: <URL:>
  FILE: delegate9.4.3.tar.{gz,bz2}
  DATE: Feb 8 15:42 JST 2007
  TAR-SIZE: 6318080 bytes
  TAR-MD5:  59a49c13dcc0dc4d45c1e7b06bfcde28

  9 9   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( ~ )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

9.4.3 070207 fix inets.c: fixed freezing ftp-data with SOCKSTAP=ftp (-pre5)
9.4.3 070207 fix ftp.c: fixed freezing data-conn. via SOCKS after error
9.4.3 070206 new socks.c: enabled SERVER=udprelay + ROUTE=socks://u:p@..
9.4.3 070206 new {socks,socks5}.c: SERVER=socks + ROUTE=socks://u:p@.. for UDP
9.4.3 070206 new {socks,service}.c: enabled ROUTE/FORWARD=socks://u@p:H:P-_-...
9.4.3 070206 new resconf.c: enabled RES_NS=h..p//s..p for RES_NS=h:p//s:p
9.4.3 070206 fix resconf.c: enabled RES_NS=h:p//s:p (DNS on non 53 via SOCKS)
9.4.3 070205 new {socks,socks5}.c: routing UDP over SOCKS SOCKS=h:p:dstHostList
9.4.3 070203 fix JIS.c: fixed miss-judged SJIS as UTF-8 in SJIS (9.2.0)
9.4.3 070201 new JIS.c: coped with &#xXXXX; notation
9.4.3 070201 new JIS.c: hankaku to zenkaku by CHARCODE=z-chcode or -z-chcode
9.4.3 070131 new service.c: enabled SOCKSTAP=telnet
9.4.3 070131 fix ftp.c: relaying multiple files in different charcodes
9.4.3 070131 fix service.c: coped with testing "readonly" on SOCKTAP=ftp
9.4.3 070131 fix http.c: enabled SVCC with conditional CHARCODE=chset:tocl:...
9.4.3 070131 fix textconv.c: CHARCODE with dstHostList matching with "!"(-pre4)
9.4.3 070130 fix socks5.c: relaying UDP ASSOC from SOCKS client to SOCKS serv.
9.4.3 070128 fix inets.c: init. RES_NS,RES_CONF before doing RES_WAIT (9.2.2)
9.4.3 070128 fix hostlist.c: fixed SEGV on empty port-list in HostList
9.4.3 070128 new master.c: enabled "host..port" for host:port in HostList
9.4.3 070128 fix master.c: checking "proto" in FORWARD=URL-_-proto
9.4.3 070128 fix ddi.c: re-using auth. for g.w. with serv. in keep-alive(-pre5)
9.4.3 070128 new service.c: introduced ROUTE=noroute
9.4.3 070128 new service.c: introduced ROUTE=direct-_-... and FORWARD=direct-_-
9.4.3 070127 fix JIS.c: don't convert non ISO-8859-1/ANSI char. (9.4.2)
9.4.3 070127 new {ftp,inets,master}.c: enabled ftp via SSLtunnel
9.4.3 070127 new {access,ftp}.c: FORWARD + auth. for http,ftp,socks,delegate
9.4.3 070126 new telnet.c: enabled CHARCODE=chcode:tosv with SERVER=telnet
9.4.3 070126 new tcprelay.c: enabled CHARCODE=chcode:tosv with SERVER=tcprelay
9.4.3 070126 new service.c: enabled FORWARD=proto://"user:pass@"host:port
9.4.3 070126 new service.c: enabled ROUTE=proto://"user:pass@"host:port
9.4.3 070126 new service.c: enabled ROUTE="ssltunnel"://host:port/-_-dst:src
9.4.3 070125 new {http,stls,master}.c: enabled STLS=fsv + PROXY + MYAUTH
9.4.3 070125 new filter.c: enabled FSV=sslway + SSLTUNNEL + MYAUTH
9.4.3 070124 mod access.c: MYAUTH=u:p:ssltunnel by default with SSLTUNNEL=h:p
9.4.3 070121 fix delegated.c: close fd for shared on SIGHUP
9.4.3 070121 fix delegated.c: close fd for svstat on SIGHUP
9.4.3 070121 fix Strftime.c: close fd by ctime() on SIGHUP on MacOSX
9.4.3 070120 new delegated.c: added -b option to go background immediately 
9.4.3 070120 fix httphead: suppressed "VStr ovreflow" warning (9.4.2-pre8)
9.4.3 070120 fix {httphead,rfc822}.c: scanning/skipping long cookie values
9.4.3 070120 new JIS.c: coped with 3bytes of UTF-8 in EUC-JP context
9.4.3 070119 mod delegated.c: re-detect resolvers on restart on error
9.4.3 070119 mod delegated.c: don't wait daemon in f.g. without tty (9.4.0)

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