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Delegated 9.9.7: issue with tcprelay filters and persistent connections?
  04/16-16:22 . 5032  Chaks Chigurupati <> [66]
___ Hi Yutaka-san, I am evaluating delegated 9.9.7 and have been noticing a peculiar problem for some time now. I have installed FTOSV filter in the following way: delegated -P4000 SERVER=https RELAY=vh
Delegate: Max. Sessions per User
  05/02-08:17 . 5033  "Andreas Stecher" <> [110]
___ Dear Yutaka, I have tested latest version of Delegate using it as an NNTP Proxy, everything OK on first tests so far and it's very fast! But I do have one problem. I have searched for a simple solut
Problems resolving host names using http-sp
  05/24-21:37 . 5034  "Busch, Jannis" <> [424]
___ Hi Yutaka, First of all I would like to thank you fort he great job you are doing with delegate. I am using delegate since 2007 (the http proxy server) and last week I tried to change from the http
Add current date in filenames
  06/13-23:53 . 5035  "VAN LIER Vincent" <> [65]
___ Hello, I use DeleGate as FTP proxy. The FTP client is uploading a file everyday. The file content change everyday and I would like to keep history. So I was wondering if it's possible with MOUNT to
Configuring Delegate
  06/29-07:03 . 5036  Levi Stanley <> [15]
___ Currently, I am using this: delegated -v -P81 RELAY="delegate,proxy" PERMIT="*:*:*" URICONV="where:any" CMAP="sslway:FSV:https:*" ADMIN="levi@eneservices.." It has been working great. However, havin
close data connection because of error
  07/02-19:23 . 5037  Aaron Wookey <> [173]
___ Hello I am using DeleGate/9.9.8 and all has been ok. However when i add a new site I get the following issue. I the fto client log i try and put a file Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (172,19,50
Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy?
  07/05-04:01 . 5038  Enda <> [46]
___ Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy? -Enda P.S. (that is, I am using a program that requires a SOCKS proxy server, but I only have a HTTP proxy server. The
Multiplex TCP ccts via SOCKMUX
  07/12-09:50 . 5039  Ken <> [34]
___ I have succeeded in getting a SOCKMUX tunnel working for 1 TCP connection with this: Sending end Delegate conf: SERVER=sockmux:// PORT=5001 Receiving end: SERVER=sockm
Delegate license and Serva
  07/25-18:38 . 5040  Patrick Masotta <> [15]
___ Hi I'm Serva's coder I'd like to add a proxy module to Serva. Is there any way you could consider releasing Delegate under a MI
I want to make DeleGate alpine package and offer it to alpinelinux team
  07/27-09:38 . 5041  Han-gil Lee <> [64]
___ Hello. First, I really want to say thank you for DeleGate. Last year I install it in AlpineLinux and use it until now. But when I installed it in AlpineLinux, I knew that below two lines are added t
Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy?
  08/23-01:43 . 5042  Enda <> [4]
___ dg9_9_7 -P1080 SERVER=socks MASTER=proxy:8080 ADMIN=admin@localhost does not work.
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