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Re: Delegate Timeout
  08/08 . 0010  Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊 [36]
___ on 08/07/98(23:17:44) From doc/Manual.txt ^^^ ^^^ Generally you can control timeout with the TIMEOUT parameter, and maybe what you need to control is I/O timeout, thus TIMEOUT=io:0 will sutisfy your
POP3 & Large Messages
  08/08 . 0011  bel [11]
___ Hi, I can't get large message (more then 5 Mbytes) with POP3 Delegate. Anybody knows what's it? P.S. Delegate 5.6.0, FreeBSD 2.2.5, qpopper 2.4b2 2 software and need to know how to From doc/Manual.t
  08/08 . 0012  Yutaka Sato $@:4F#K-(J) [24]
___ Maybe I can help you if you would give us some more information: 1) detailed log produced by % delegated -vv -P8110 SERVER=pop://server ... 2) stack trace produced by % gdb delegated delegated.core
  08/08 . 0013  Yutaka Sato $@:4F#K-(J) [165]
___ Fortunately :-) I could reproduce the problem. The error was caused because memory could not be allocated for a buffer to read too large message. You will be able to reduce the consumption of memory
compiler warnings
  08/08 . 0014  Horia Georgescu [30]
___ Hi, as advised, I'm posting these questions to the list: I'm compiling DeleGate on an old 486 machine, running a Linux 2.028, which I plan to use for testing. The question: I see lots of messages li
  08/08 . 0015  Yutaka Sato $@:4F#K-(J) [44]
___ on 08/08/98(09:20:14) Generally, don't care about warning as long as the executable works for your purpose. This is a old custom since 4 years ago :-) You may see more warnings on the way of compile
sslway accept failed
  08/08 . 0016  Thomas Stolzenberger [58]
___ Hallo, I am having a problem running your "delegated" generic HTTP Proxy with SSL encryption via SSLeay. The following scenario takes place. A Netscape Navigator on the SSL-Client (Linux) is connect
  08/08 . 0017  Yutaka Sato $@:4F#K-(J) [55]
___ Please show me more information about: 1) The log of DeleGate and SSLway around the failure 2) The version of your Netscape Navigator I saw someone in the mailing list said that t
  08/08 . 0018  Yutaka Sato $@:4F#K-(J) [51]
___ Following the article in above URL (from Mr. Ueno) I created my own certification and key as follows (without editing ssleay.cnf): ssleay req \ -new \ -newkey rsa:512 \ -nodes \ -days 365 \ -x509 \
Help with unusual NNTP setup
  08/09 . 0019  Joe George [29]
___ Hello! I'm sorry to trouble everyone but I have a problem and I don't know how to address it. I am trying to use DeleGate on a WindowsNT workstation to do JIS character conversion for Forte Agent (N
  08/09 . 0020  Yutaka Sato $@:4F#K-(J) [60]
___ It seems a little strange for me that such a major news-reader (Forte Agent) does not support AUTHINFO authentication... But certainly there are news-reader which don't support AUTHINFO. So I made a
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