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[DeleGate-En] How does vhost actually work?
22 Jan 2005 22:01:42 GMT Ambrose Li <>


I tried to use delegate to proxy for the following:

- host1 with address addr1 has 3 virtual hosts: vhost1a, vhost1b, vhost1c
  vhost1b is under the domain
- host2 with address addr2 has >10 virtual hosts: all under
- host3 with address addr3 has 1 virtual host: vhost3

I started delegate as follows:

/usr/local/sbin/delegated \
        -P80 \
        SERVER=http \
        PERMIT="*:*:.localnet" \
        MOUNT='/* http://addr1/* vhost=-vhost1a,genvhost=-thru,realm=vhost1a' \
        MOUNT='/* http://addr1/* vhost=-vhost1b,genvhost=-thru,authorizer={-none},realm=vhost1b' \
        MOUNT='/* http://addr1/* vhost=-vhost1c,genvhost=-thru,authorizer={-list{someuser:somepassword}},realm=vhost1c'
        MOUNT='/* http://addr2/* vhost=*.vhost3,genvhost=-thru' \
        MOUNT='/* http://addr3/* vhost={*,!*,!*.vhost1a,!*.vhost1c},genvhost=-thru' \
        PERMIT="http:addr1,addr2,addr3:*" \
        PERMIT="http:vhost1b:*" \
        PERMIT="http:vhost1c:*" \
        REMITTABLE=+,http \

However, this gives very strange, even bizzare, results:

- If I try to access vhost1a, vhost1c, or vhost3, almost everything
  is normal, but all URL's on the page which points to virtual hosts
  hosted on host2 becomes * so all those link became invalid

- If I try to access vhost1b, I get a password prompt though the 
  manual says -none should always allow. If I take away the
  authorizer options I still get a password prompt.

- If I try to access virtual hosts hosted by host2, the URL's on the
  page gets changed so that many different virtual hosts became the

I am sure I am not understanding some very basic things about delegate.
I wonder if someone can point out to me what I did wrong.

Many thanks,
Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <>

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