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Re: Error while compiling (nntp.c)
  04/13 . 2910  Yutaka Sato [35]
___ I cannot understand why you think it great without even trying :p It is because your compiler has a bug to be fixed, as shown in the message. But I suppose the bug has been fixed in newer version of
OOB errors with delegate 8.11.x
  04/13 . 2911  Schoch Andreas [56]
___ Hi, we have problems with the new delegate versions 8.11.x. using delegate 8.9.3 on SunOS/5.8 as application proxy for our special windows 2000 application is working without problem. With version 8
  04/13 . 2912  Yutaka Sato [35]
___ Hi, Since I don't have SunOS/5.8 nor your application, I need many information from you: - what is "connection problem"? - are you using the DeleGate with SERVER=tcprelay? - does the application use
Re: _Re:_[DeleGate-En:2910]_Re:_Re:_[DeleGate-En]_Re:_[DeleGate-En:2906]_cookie_handling_in_sslway
  04/13 . 2913  [336]
___ Hi Yutaka San, it seems that the patch was compiled into the delegate, but i still get no connection. I still get an cookie with the secure flag set on the client side. 04/13 14:08:38.58 [3460] 2+1/
Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re:_Re:_[DeleGate-En:2910]_Re:_Re:_[DeleGate-En]_Re:_[DeleGate-En:2906]_cookie_handling_in_sslway?
  04/13 . 2914  Yutaka Sato [95]
___ Hallo, oops... I forgot to care CR/LF at the end of the HTTP header line. The patch must be modified as the enclosed one. By the way, when you send your log to here, "" which is
  04/14 . 2915  [104]
___ Thank you very very much, for your quick and good support. It is running cheers, Jon Yutaka Sato <> schrieb am 13.04.2005, 16:12:28:
Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re:_Re:_[DeleGate-En:2916]_=3D?iiiiiso-8859-1?QQQQQ?RRRRRe:_Re:_[DeleGate-En:2910]_Re:_Re:_[DeleGate-En]_Re:_[DeleGate-En:2906]_cookie_handling_in_sslway??
  04/14 . 2916  Yutaka Sato [15]
___ The support can be fine when a question is helpful one to make the features of DeleGate advance:) Thank you. Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) Na
Allow secure FTP connections only
  04/18 . 2917  Karel Fajkus [18]
___ How do I setup DeleGate so that it will accept only FTP/TLS (or whatever secure FTP) connections from clients? According to the manual ( DeleGate sho
  04/18 . 2918  Yutaka Sato [49]
___ Hi, Yes. It should work so. Sorry, I forgot to forbid non-SSL communitaiotn with "STLS=fcl" for FTP, while I did it for SMTP, POP and IMAP. I'll fix it like the enclosed patch in the next release. C
Delegate as https proxy server
  04/20 . 2919  Neal L. Lester [21]
___ Is it possible to use delegate as an https proxy server (forwarding requests to a (not secure) http server? I works fine if I request a document directly (configure browser for "direct connection to
DeleGate/8.11.3 -- fixed permission for SSLtunnel and STLS, Cookie to/from HTTPS/HTTP
  04/22 . 2920  Yutaka Sato [47]
___ Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: DeleGate/8.11.3 -- fixed permission for SSLtunnel and STLS, Cookie to/from HTTPS/HTTP Fixed so that "SSL tunnel
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