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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate/9.2.4 (BETA) -- SOCKS over SSL, multiplexed SOCKS, fast MITM, HTTP cache
05 Sep 2006 22:28:27 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project

Dear DeleGate users,

I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows:
DeleGate/9.2.4 -- SOCKS over SSL, multiplexed SOCKS, fast MITM, HTTP cache

+ SOCKS over SSL
  SOCKS has come to be encrypted by SSL with a simple configuration, simply
  by the pair of STLS=fsv at the client-side and STLS=fcl at the server-side.

+ SOCKS over SockMux
  repetitive connections of SOCKS (and MASTER and PROXY) have come to be
  multiplexed on a persistent connection of SockMux.

+ fixed HTTP cache
  simultaneous updates to a HTTP cache was fixed not to generate truncated
  reponses to clients, not to cause locking out of others.

- 5 times faster MITM by Keep-Alive and session cache
- 10 times higher throughput of SockMux by expanding the packet size
- fast gzip/gunzip of HTTP on Windows with DGZLIB1.DLL instead of gzip.exe
- fixed to enable relaying HTTPS over SSLv2 (disabled since 9.0.3)
- fixed blocking out of clients with multiple-ports (-Px,y,z) on Windows

  SITE: <URL:>
  FILE: delegate9.2.4.tar.{gz,bz2}
  DATE: Sep 5 14:31 JST 2006
  TAR-SIZE: 6031360 bytes
  TAR-MD5:  8eb150aa5cec957f91c42c4cfb73b331

 * SOCKS: enabled easy configuration for SOCKS over SSL (with STLS=fsv)
 * SockMux: enabled multiplexing SOCKS/MASTER/PROXY over SockMux
 + SSLway: introduced the SSL session cache with SSL servers
 + MITM: speed up with Keep-Alive and session cache (5 times faster)
 + Gzip/HTTP: supported fast gzip/gunzip encoding with DGZLIB1.DLL on Win

 + FTP: stopped anouncing MLST/MLSD when acting as a proxy
 + HTTP: separated the cache file to be read from the file for update
 + SockMux: expanded the packet size (10 times higher througput)

 * HTTP: fixed truncation of response on simultaneous cache update (8.0.6)
 * HTTP: fixed relaying HTTPS on SSLv2 (since 9.0.3)
 * HTTP: fixed frozen in Gzip/Gunzip with gzip.exe of Cygwin
 * Win: fixed blocking service with multi-port (-Px,y,...)(9.0.6)
 + HTTP: fixed Proxy-Auth. + CONNECT method for non #443 port (9.2.3)
 + CFI: fixed to work with both FSV and FCL (or with STLS=fcl,fsv)
 + HTTP: fixed automatic removal of a broken cache file (on Win)
 + HTTP: removed useless delay on 5xx error from the server (2.9.9)
 + FTP: fixed the response of NLST prefixed with "V/" (9.2.3)
 + Win: fixed failure of service restart on Win with -Px,y,... (8.0.4)

9.2.4 060831 fix mime.c: fixed generation of dup. --boundary after empty body
9.2.4 060830 fix {rfc822,mime,String}.c: erase '\0' in MIME (for POP)
9.2.4 060830 fix windows.c: running DeleGate as a non-direct-child descendant of DeleGate on Win (erase+ignore SPAWN_ENVIRON)
9.2.4 060830 fix {inets,__opendir}.c: compilation of Cygwin
9.2.4 060828 mod inets.c: added finding RESOLV=file:path in LIBPATH
9.2.4 060828 mod inets.c: enabled RESOLV="file:X:/.../hosts" for Win (9.0.3)
9.2.4 060828 mod nbio.c: checking that the version of SSL ALERT is in SSLv3
9.2.4 060824 fix nbio.c: relaying HTTPS/SSLv2 by CONNECT (9.0.3)
9.2.4 060823 new mime.c: new -ot option for enMime/deMime to extract text only
9.2.4 060823 fix rfc822.c: erased multi-part ending line in TEXTONLY extraction
9.2.4 060823 fix any2fdif.c: erased PGP header in a message from the digest
9.2.4 060821 new gzip.c: fast gzip without gzip.exe using "dgzlib1.dll" on Win
9.2.4 060819 new {delegated,hostlist}.c: -R/* for matching about RIDENT=client
9.2.4 060819 fix ddi.c: matching MountOption "from=" with RIDENT=client
9.2.4 060817 new service.c: access restriction (ex. REACHABLE) with -Fany2fdif
9.2.4 060817 fix any2fdif.c: don't trace arbitrary links with -r
9.2.4 060817 mod ftp.c: FTPCONF=noxdc by default when acting as a proxy
9.2.4 060816 new windows.c: timeout of mysystem() for child without active I/O
9.2.4 060816 fix filter.c: close server ports (-Pxxx) on exec of mysystem()
9.2.4 060815 fix http.c: no delay on 5xx resp. in Keep-Alive with cache (2.9.9)
9.2.4 060815 mod htmlgen.c: hide the server in 502 CantConn msg. with MOUNT 
9.2.4 060815 mod http.c: ignore broken cache without "HTTP/1." (cache:any)
9.2.4 060814 mod http.c: write cache to #LOADING (HTTPCONF=bugs:old-cache)
9.2.4 060814 mod inets.c: ignore (broken) as PTR from DNS
9.2.4 060814 fix cache.c: removing cache on error on Win (path with drive:)
9.2.4 060814 fix http.c: removing broken/truncated cache automatically on Win
9.2.4 060813 fix __locking.c: fixed shared lock on Win for cache (9.0.6)
9.2.4 060813 new http.c: supported "Cache-Control: only-if-cached" as server
9.2.4 060813 new {conf,cache}.c: introduced CACHEARC="dir1;dir2;..."
9.2.4 060811 new http.c: tentative CFI "Control/CFI-control: no-filter"
9.2.4 060810 new http.c: detecting disconnection from client waiting cache lock
9.2.4 060810 fix http.c: parallel downloading of large file with cache
9.2.4 060810 fix {distrib,http}.c: fixed truncation on simultaneus cache-read
9.2.4 060810 fix delegated.c: blocks with -Pmulti-port for HTTP on Win32(9.0.6)
9.2.4 060809 new smtp.c: SMTPCONF=reject:nomx+notselfmx+notmxhelo+pipeline
9.2.4 060808 new cfi.c: matching with CGI env. in CFIscript as SERVER_NAME:xxx
9.2.4 060808 fix sslway.c: mutual exclsion of access to cache write/read
9.2.4 060807 new {access,env}.c: conditional-param for auth. user by AUTHORIZER
9.2.4 060807 new delegated.c: introduced SAC for access control simulation
9.2.4 060805 new master.c: SOCKMUX for mux. SOCKS/MASTER/PROXY over SockMux
9.2.4 060803 mod JIS.c: mod. to ignore duplicated <META HTTP-EQUIV charset>
9.2.4 060803 mod JIS.c: mod. to ignore EUC-JP ? in explicit charset=Shift_JIS 
9.2.4 060803 new commands.c: exec. name with "dg" prefix "dgxxx" for "-Fxxx"
9.2.4 060803 new sox.c: expanded the packet size (512 -> 16K) with negotiation
9.2.4 060803 new sox.c: supported AUTHORIZER + MYAUTH for SockMux
9.2.4 060803 fix ftp.c: don't cause SIGPIPE in vain after control-conn. reset
9.2.4 060803 fix ftp.c: fixed blocking by unused data-conn with FSV,FCL
9.2.4 060803 new {ftp,stls}.c: rURL "ftps://" to be implict SSL with serv.
9.2.4 060802 fix filter.c: fixed to work with both FSV+FCL (as STLS=fsv,fcl)
9.2.4 060802 fix ftp.c: fixed EPSV via Socks (maybe not necessary practically)
9.2.4 060802 fix sslway.c: fixed SEGV in session cache on accept/connect error
9.2.4 060802 new socks.c: coped with PORT/FTP (BIND) over SOCKS over SSL
9.2.4 060802 new socks.c: implemented SOCKS over SSL (with STLS=fsv)
9.2.4 060801 new {cgi,sslway}.c: implemented the session cache for FSV
9.2.4 060728 new versign,vervrfy: sign and verify source code
9.2.4 060727 new {service,httpx}.c: enabled MITM to MASTER without CONNECT
9.2.4 060727 fix master.c: fixed to do CONNECT from me in MITM to MASTER
9.2.4 060727 fix {master,stls}.c: fixed jam. between SSL and MASTER
9.2.4 060727 new {version,versign}.c: fixed the random. fact. by each ver.
9.2.4 060726 mod http.c: do Keep-Alive with server in Sticky after MITM mode
9.2.4 060726 fix http.c: Proxy-Auth. + CONNECT for non #443 port (9.2.3-pre8)
9.2.4 060726 new fstat.c: setting time-format of -Fls with "LSTFMT" env. var.
9.2.4 060725 fix http.c: don't wait the exit of FCL=SSLway alive with client
9.2.4 060725 new ftp.c: "AUTHORIZER=-smtp-vrfy@{error message}" MountOption
9.2.4 060725 fix mount.c: enabled "name={value with space}" in MountOption
9.2.4 060724 fix {http,delegated}.c: don't wait SSLway to server in Keep-Alive
9.2.4 060724 mod http.c: increased to HTTPCONF=max-cka:20 by default
9.2.4 060724 new {stls,http,delegated}.c: enabled Sticky in MITM mode
9.2.4 060724 new sslway.c: introduced TLSCONF=scache:no
9.2.4 060724 mod http.h,ddi.c: enabled Keep-Alive with client in MITM mode
9.2.4 060722 fix ftp.c: removed "V/" in the response for NLST (9.2.3)
9.2.4 060722 exp hostlist.c: added "?*" for unresolvable name or address
9.2.4 060722 fix ystring.c: partial revival of -p,-w,filter (since 8.10.0)
9.2.4 060722 exp rary.c: touch file with futime() on BSD and Win32
9.2.4 060721 fix delegated.c: don't try defreeze when not freezed
9.2.4 060721 fix delegated.c: VStr overflow on restarting -Pa,b by HUP on Win
9.2.4 060719 fix JIS.c: conv. of half-width-kana in UTF-8 to ShiftJIS
9.2.4 060717 fix service.c: immediate forwarding RIDENT after conn. (9.0.5)

  9 9   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( ~ )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

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