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[DeleGate-En] mitm peep not working
21 Dec 2006 10:23:47 GMT "Paul Beardsell" <>


I need to reverse engineer the interface to a web site.  Unfortunately
key parts of the interface are HTTPS/SSL.  In the past I would have
used Proxymitron - a Windows utility which allows a man-in-the-middle
decryption of the SSL encrypted traffic.  There is no Linux version of
Proxymitron and I no longer have a Windows partition on my PC.

I was very pleased, therefore, to find your excellent utility.
Unfortunately it does not perform quite as you describe at - the MITM instructions.  The
logged SSL traffic is not decrypted.

I am using DeleGate 9.3.1 on Ubuntu Linux (Edgy) and my command line is:

    $ delegated -v -P8080 STLS=mitm FSV=-tee-n-v

Using that command and telling Firefox to use the proxy localhost:8080
everything works perfectly on all the sites I have tried, HTTP and
HTTPS.  But the log has the encrypted traffic, not the decrypted

I know your instructions say that I should be using the command line
option SERVER=http but when I do then the browser sometimes hangs and,
once again, the logged traffic is not decrypted.

Otherwise, thanks for an excellent utility!

Paul Beardsell

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