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[DeleGate-En] How to bypass an upstream proxy server?
23 Jan 2007 15:10:05 GMT


I guess our problem is easy to solve if I would know how to do it right... 

The normal internet access in our company takes place about a proxy server 
with user login and password. This proxy server is located at a remote 
data center to which we have no access. Now some of our users must have 
access to a special https-site ( This 
site uses a Java applet which is automatically downloaded if the user 
rights for the proxy server allow it. But for security reasons most of our 
users are not allowed to download software from the internet and so we 
have to look for another solution.

This is where delegate was brought into play. Our idea is to use a special 
proxy user with download rights on our delegate server to connect to the 
data center proxy server and from there access the https-site. Our users 
would connect with the delegate proxy server and could not exploit the 
additional rights of the proxy user because the access is restricted to 
this special site.

Is that possible with delegate and if yes how? Right now we had no success 
with the different configurations we had tried and we're running out of 
ideas. Maybe someone with a little more experience can help us? :-)

Our actual configuration:

        ADMIN="$MAIL" \
        SERVER=http \
        MYAUTH="user:password" \
        $PORT \
        MOUNT="/**" \
        DGROOT="$DIR" \
        PERMIT="$PERMIT" \



What are we doing wrong?? Any help is appreciated!




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