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DeleGate as FTP Authentication Proxy
Tue, 09 Sep 2008     Gusti Benawi


when using DeleGate as an FTP-Reverse Proxy, ist it possible to tell DeleGate to
 do the authentication with the client before connecting to the FTP server in the
 local network? 

delegated -v -P2121 SERVER=ftp AUTHORIZER=-pam  MOUNT="/* ftp://user:pass@server:port/*"

will authenticate the client but login to the FTP server with preset username and
 password. I would like to know if there is a way to provide DeleGate logins to the
 FTP server using the pam information or from -list, which the client entered, 

Using preset username and password to login to the FTP server is maybe not that bad
 at all, as long as the FTP server can allocate who the client is and then chrooting
 the correct directory.

Best regards,

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