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Re: Few questions about transparent proxy & srcif
  01/23 . 4350  Yutaka Sato [55]
___ I'm using nearly 30 operating systems including 4 versions of FreeBSD, just for building and testing DeleGate on each platform, but I'm not a real "user" of any specific operation system. Thank you.
  01/23 . 4351  Yutaka Sato [86]
___ Hi, In DeleGate/9.9.2-pre1, I'll change the code as the enclosed patch. It introduces a generic prefix in form "" for name or address. For example, you can use it as follows: SRCIF=_-Dont
rewrite GET for "/" URLs
  01/25 . 4352  jon.hart [15]
___ Hi, at the moment I use delegate as a reverse proxy for a database application. Dependent on the accessed name- based-virtual-host the user reach his database. The database is selected by a "?query"
  01/25 . 4353  Yutaka Sato [26]
___ I don't know why you need to reduce it so but it might be useful to add "moved" option to the MOUNT for "/" to automatically redirect the request. MOUNT="/ nvhost=user1.
  01/25 . 4354  Yutaka Sato [19]
___ Sorry, the MOUNT with "moved" option will generate the specified URL as is, thus it should be as this: MOUNT="/,moved" Cheers, Yutaka 9
Re: Few questions about transparent proxy & srcif
  01/26 . 4355  Master NoSFeRaTU [90]
___ 2009/1/23 Yutaka Sato <>: I have multigateway router with connections to different providers, which have private subnets with equal addresses. These connections are quite instab
  01/26 . 4356  Yutaka Sato [49]
___ Hi, Thank you. It seems to happen when a specified host (address) is not (inversely) resolvable. I've started apllying the "" to multiple purposes to control outgoing connection (ex. ti
  01/26 . 4357  Master NoSFeRaTU [7]
___ 2009/1/26 Yutaka Sato <>: I confirm, now all works fine. Big thanks ^_^
nvhost to nvserv STLS with different certificates
  01/27 . 4358  Jens-Erik Hansen [50]
___ Hi Yutaka, I'm working on a name-based virtual hosting to name based virtual servers setup which works fine now. The next task is to establish a ssl connection between the client and delegate where
  01/27 . 4359  Yutaka Sato [40]
___ To switch amoung multiple certificates, you need "server name indication" (SNI) supported after OpenSSL0.9.8g or laters, and need to put a certificate for each destination site at "CERTIDR" (DGROOT/
Thanks for your Universal Proxy server - Delegate!
  01/27 . 4360  Ruslan [13]
___ Thanks for your Universal Proxy server - Delegate!
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