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Error Setting up Delegate to do FTPS -> FTPS Proxying
Thu, 23 Jul 2009     Reggie Jackson

I am trying to setup delegate to be a proxy for FTPS connections to a FTPS


Basic structure is:


Internet ==> firewall ==> ftp proxy (dmz) ==> firewall ==> ftp server


I am able to connect to the FTP fine with SSL directory.


I am running the verision 9.9.3 


The command I am running to invoke the system at this time is: 

./delegated STLS=fcl -P990 SERVER=ftps  MOUNT="/*
ftps:// /*" ADMINPASS=-v


I am able to get connected to the server and get a directory list, but when
I try and download a file, or upload a file, the system seems to die or dump
cores, I Have sent those e-mails to  


Any help or idea's would be appreciated.  Please let me know if you need any
more information. 


Thank you,


Reggie Jackson

Network Administrator

DCAS Software Solutions





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