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[DeleGate-En] multiple SSL certificates on the same delegate host without using SNI.
30 Sep 2009 05:10:09 GMT David Wang <>

Hi Yutaka,

I think itís better for this question to be another topic though itís
related with my last question (how to implement SNI on https) which has been
answered already, thanks again here.

Since the limited browsers support SNI, can I ask your another question? If
we'd still like to achieve the same scenario without using SNI: most
customers still https access the portal via our delegate FQDN (i.e. with its certificate file, and a couples of
customers would like to https access our portal via their own domain name (, but with their own ssl cerfiticate, rather than
prompting the certificate dismatching the hostname. How can we achieve it
with on the same delegate host with multiple ssl certificates without using
SNI? If possible, then we prefer to this solution, insteadof SNI, which
requires too much. Could you please tell me the details? Thanks a lot.



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