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Re: Delegate SSL <-> delegate <-> ftp server
Wed, 09 Dec 2009     Yutaka Sato


In message  on 12/09/09(19:18:56)
you "Hanard Xavier (DTSBE)" wrote:
 |Ok, my way was good... But it don't fix the problem.

Sorry, I could not what was your result.

 | % echo "main(){}" > x.c
 | % cc x.c
 | |Do i need to change something in the Makefile?

Did this work without problem?
If so, I cannot understand the reason of the error about unknown "cc1".

 |I've already tried with a 
 |make CC=gcc
 |The compilation failed with the same errors as "CC=g++"

Did you do it from the clean source?
Did you tried adding CC=gcc to your DELEGATE_CONF as follows?
If so, it is very strange too.

 | |Or if your make does not support getting definitions from the command  |line,
 it can be done as follows:
 | |
 | |  [the content of src/DELEGATE_CONF]
 | |  ADMIN=foo@bar
 | |  CFLAGS=-O2 -DQSC
 | |  LDOPTS=
 | |
 | |  % make

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 ( ~ )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
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Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller
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