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[DeleGate-En] Host name issues.
07 Nov 2010 18:32:33 GMT ThatDeadDude <>


I hope I am not troubling you with a trivial problem, but I couldn't work
out a solution from studying the manual.  I'm using a DeleGate basically as
a simple bridge for a variety of protocols as a result of having
difficulties connecting a certain PC to a network.  I've run into a
recurrent problem where the DeleGate's http server seems to have difficulty
with connecting to a name server. I might get a message returned along the
lines of:
Cannot Connect Connection failed by DeleGate on `TDD:8080'

Tried from the *client* to the *server*

   - The host name ** seems *unknown*.
   Are you sure that the server host name is correct?
   If so, the name server may have some (possibly temporary) problem...

 The Administrator of this DeleGate --
*<>*<>-- may
help you...
 Proxy HTTP Server DeleGate/9.9.8-pre17 (October 9, 2010) by Yutaka Sato
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) [image:
@_@]V <http://-.-/-/>
This message will last a while seemingly without the DeleGate attempting a
new lookup.

It is definitely not the case that the name server is down, because I will
normally be able to connect to other websites during this time.  My guess
then is that the http DeleGate fails when it attempts a DNS lookup, and then
stores that failure in cache.  Basically then, I'm hoping you can tell me if
there is any way to force the server to make multiple attempts to resolve
the host name, or to prevent failed entries from being cached.  I know I can
prevent caching of a dedicated DNS proxy. but I couldn't work out if it was
possible to do something similar for the DNS lookup part of an http proxy.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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