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HTTPS Virus Scan with Delegate
  12/01-15:12 . 4940 (Yutaka Sato) [47]
___ Hi, You can use DeleGate (which is working as an explicit HTTP proxy and SSLtunnel for clients) to do peeping/caching/filtering/... the content of HTTPS/SSL messages as follows: % delegated -P8080 S
Use delegate as SSH proxy
  12/08-08:34 . 4941 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
___ Firstly, you should setup your SSH client side configuration to logint the SSH server from the host. For example, you should be able to login with a SSH client to the server without DeleGate as "ssh
FTP/SFTP Gateway - connection refused
  12/11-08:21 . 4942 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
___ Hi, It might be possible that the detection of disconnection of the socketpair is failing, depending on the implementation of the socket interface by your OS. On what OS are you doing it? And detail
  12/14-14:14 . 4943  Vijay Pandit <> [1053]
___ Hi Yutaka, The OS being used is Solaris 10 on HP hardware. I have attached the log with additional -dG option. The log also contains lines such as the below: 12/11 09:42:11.01 [4695] 26+0: MAXIMA=de
  12/16-13:18 . 4944  Vijay Pandit <> [166]
___ Hi Yutaka, Increasing the memory on the server solved the timeout issue. It appears that due to the low memory, the SFTP process created during the first FTP/SFTP session was getting terminated afte
SFTP proxy question
  12/22-09:37 . 4946  Alexander Box <> [36]
___ Please excuse my simplistic terminology: I have a client, C, that needs to access a remote sftp server, R. I am trying to setup delegate on a local server, L, so that C can ftp (not sftp) to L, supp
Control only 1 device from accessing the IMAP on the internet
  12/22-10:34 . 4947  Png Patrick <> [27]
___ Yutaka, Currently, my user are accessing their mailbox via imap on their mobile devices on the internet. Their are control via the AUTHORIZER=-list{user1,user2,user3}. I like to control only 1 mobil
  12/27-03:29 . 4948 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ Sorry but I can't understand what "control only 1 mobile device" means. Does it mean permitting acesss from a device based on its IP address or MAC address or so? Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato (CSD
SFTP proxy question
  12/27-04:02 . 4949 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
___ Sorry but I can't understand what "R is inaccessible from L" means while you are specifying the server "R" to be accessed from your DeleGate on "L". The "servon" option is not applicable to sftp/FTP
NNTP usage statistics
  01/04-07:34 . 4950  Mehdi <> [26]
___ Hi, I use delegated with NNTP / ssl and I would like to perform some statistics per user (eg nb article, size ...) I look into the PROTOLOG file but I didn't find information regarding the size of a
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