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Re: SSL encryption
  11/12 . 5000  [61]
___ Hi Yukata, this is exactly what I need. Thank you very much indeed. Best wishes, Ulrich ---Original Message--- From: (Yutaka Sato) Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:35:00 To: <feedback
HTTP Redirect Pass through
  11/13 . 5001  Ben Lake [39]
___ Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to pass HTTP redirects, coming from a proxied destination server, back to the client and not have DeleGate respond to them? The situation is as such: (192.168
Re: Delegate 9.8.8 pre 18 - FTP/SFTP proxy and maximum password length
  11/16 . 5002  Trigge, Graham [128]
___ Yutaka san, Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to use the "-dG" option for a particular SFTP entry (instead of all connections) as the server in question has many entries and is in production
new important features for DeleGate
  12/07 . 5003  [32]
___ Hello ! Please, answer !!! Placeholder for your mailserver not report message too small (64 > 33) (in reply to end of DATA command) g. I don't think there is a limitation by such a short length. You
Questions on Copyright, security and roadmap
  01/03 . 5004  ADAMIAK_St├ęphane [125]
___ Dear Yutaka, First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year! Then few questions about Delegate: - do you plan to produce a new version to fix bugs, security holes, etc.? In other words, is
  01/04 . 5005  Yutaka Sato [25]
___ Hi, It's alive but is in hibernation. It will be awaken if a bug is found. It's "free for non-commercial use or for evaluation for commercial use". I did it in 2004 and think the problem is solved.
LDAP proxy with search filter
  01/04 . 5006  Sunil S [116]
___ Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to use delegate (9.9.7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command : delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_grou
Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to use delegate (9.9.7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command : delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com ( ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com )" The filter is NOT applied on the query. If the client uses a filter that is passed through. Is there a way to make delegate apply the specified filter in addition to what is requested by client? I was expecting that the filter sent to back-end LDAP server would be &( (memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com) (client_specified_filter)). Wireshark indicates that only the client specified filter is used. Regards Sunil
  01/23 . 5007  Sunil S [116]
___ Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to use delegate (9.9..7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command : delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_gro
Question about SOCKS-Proxy
  01/31 . 5008  [76]
___ Hi! I'm not able to get delegate working as I need it too... :-) Problem: In my company, we use a http-proxy with some sites blocking. I myself use putty as a socks-proxy ( to tunnel
  01/31 . 5009  Yutaka Sato [39]
___ Hi, "FORWARD" is applied to SOCKS connection so that you can establish a connection to a SOCKS server via an another proxy server. With your configuration, any connections to any servers, including
  01/31 . 5010  [136]
___ Hi, Yutaka, indeed this works! :-) Delegate is a great work! Thank you! Again greetings from Germany, Patrick Am schrieb Yutaka Sato <>:
delegate: socksmux doesn't work when running in background
  02/02 . 5011  Renaud Bompuis [114]
___ Hi, I am trying to make delegate work as a multiplexed SOCKS tunnel, as described here: Basically, I want to use 2 servers to relay proxy data efficie
  02/02 . 5012  Yutaka Sato [40]
___ Hi, I could reproduce the problem which seems a bug that have been introduced in 9.9.0-pre2. Unfortunately there seems no workaround by command options to escape the problem. A possible way to solve
  02/03 . 5013  Renaud Bompuis [68]
___ Hi Yutaka, thanks for the reply. I compiled delegate 9.9.8-pre20 but it doen's work in sockmux mode, I get this error message: (UNIX) 10:44:57.405 [11696] ## sox_connects: Not Available in the Sourc
  02/03 . 5014  Yutaka Sato [101]
___ Hi, Sorry, I'm reminded that SockMux is restricted in source code distributions after the DeleGate/9.8.6. You can use "-f" instead of "-v" to redirect the logging output to the logfile. The max. par
Re: LDAP proxy with search filter
  02/06 . 5015  Sunil S [137]
___ Dear Yutaka, Request your attention to my earlier mail (below). Could you tell me if it is possible to apply filters in a proxy ldap situation? Regards Sunil Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to us
  02/06 . 5016  Yutaka Sato [20]
___ Hi, Mabe the answer is NO. As long as I remember, the implementation of LDAP in DeleGate is very simple one just to do proxying by switching a target LDAP server (with MOUNT parameters) for a baseOb
  02/06 . 5017  Sunil S [124]
___ Thanks, Yutaka! While the preferred tool is the Swiss Army Knife (delegate), we are currently working around the problem with OpenLDAP META back-end. Regards -- Sunil Hi, Mabe the answer is NO. As l
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