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Re: DeleGate Proxy forwarding
Thu, 29 Mar 2012     Gary Burch


Many thanks for your time, but I still seem to be doing something wrong.
I've initialised delegate with:

dg9_9_7.exe -P888 -fv SERVER=http
MYAUTH="GB-HOME\pbtest:Pa55w0rd:http-proxy" ADMIN=admin@gb-home..

but the upstream proxy still reports connections forwarded from DeleGate
as anonymous connections.

Am I doing something wrong with the Delegate configuration?

Thanks again,

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Subject: Re: [DeleGate-En] DeleGate Proxy forwarding


In message 
on 03/28/12(01:20:50) you "Gary Burch" 
 |I was wondering if you could help me with an unusual setup of
 |I would like to configure it to forward all requests it receives onto
an  |upstream proxy, and to always use a specific username to
authenticate to  |that proxy.  I have tried several combinations of
FORWARD and MYAUTH,  |but I always get a 407 or a 503 error.

I don't think your usage is unusual and I can test it as follows:

## an upstream HTTP proxy that requires User=u and Pass=p delegated
-P9999 -fv SERVER=http AUTHORIZER="-list{u:p}"

## your HTTP proxy forwarding to the upstream proxy with a given auth.
delegated -P9998 -fv SERVER=http PROXY=localhost:9999

## a HTTP client using your proxy
delegated -Fdget -fv PROXY=localhost:9998 -h -c

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