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Re: DeleGate Proxy forwarding
  03/30 . 5030  Gary Burch [86]
___ Hi Yutaka, With your help, I now have the DeleGate proxy working. The problem was that the upsteam proxy accepts connections from the client subnet only, and the DeleGate proxy was installed on a se
FTP-SFTP gateway issues
  04/03 . 5031  Graham Trigge [136]
___ Good afternoon Yutaka-san, SFTP server which I am hoping you can help me to diagnose/fix. I have around 30 MOUNT stanzas in my configuration with all other links working correctly. If I attempt to S
Delegated 9.9.7: issue with tcprelay filters and persistent connections?
  04/16 . 5032  Chaks Chigurupati [66]
___ Hi Yutaka-san, I am evaluating delegated 9.9.7 and have been noticing a peculiar problem for some time now. I have installed FTOSV filter in the following way: delegated -P4000 SERVER=https RELAY=vh
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