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FTP-SFTP gateway issues
Tue, 03 Apr 2012     Graham Trigge

Good afternoon Yutaka-san,

I have an issue with an FTP->SFTP session connecting to a particular
SFTP server which I am hoping you can help me to diagnose/fix. I have
around 30 “MOUNT” stanzas in my configuration with all other links
working correctly.

If I attempt to SFTP directly from the proxy servers to the
destination SFTP server it connects fine. Using the same credentials,
I use the Delegate proxy and I always get a response of “530- No
(Login failed:'Password: ')”. I have included below;

- Delegate configuration
- Output from connecting through the Delegate proxy
- Log output for the connection

I would also like to find out what the files are that are created in
$DELEGATE_HOME/act/servers/cc – these seem to cause me issues on
occasions and some connections do not clean them up.

Any assistance you can offer would be helpful.


Graham Trigge.


Graham Trigge

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