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[DeleGate-En] Re: Help with Delegate
04 Sep 1998 19:18:39 GMT "William H. Geiger III" <>

In <_A60@delegate-en.ML_>, on 09/05/98 
   at 03:03 AM, (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) said:

> |I am trying to run delegate on my Warp4 OS/2 machine as a nntp proxy.
> |
> |I am able to connect to the nntp server through delegate but when I
> |the LIST command delegate gets the list of newsgroups then promptly
> |the session with the client (without returning the data).
> |
> |Below is the command I am using to call delegate:
> |
> |delegated -P8119 SERVER=nntp:// ADMIN=whgiii

>In general, the simplest way to escape a protocol dependent problem,
>bypassing proper setup of necesssary environmnet, is just doing
>transparent relay like:

>% delegated -P8119 SERVER=tcprelay://

>If you don't need protocol dependent value-added services like caching or
>protocol conversion, such transparent relay will be enough.

Unfortunately I *do* need protocol dependent value-added services (the
combining of multiple nntp servers to form a virtual server). Also I plan
on using this program for much more thn just nntp but I am trying to take
things one step at a time. :)

I am not sure what you mean by bypassing proper setup of necessary
environment? If I am not setting up something properly please let me know.

Something very odd is happening with the nntp relay. I can issue a command
like "help" and that will be returned without problem. I issue a command
like "list" and delegate kills the client session (after receiving the
newsgroup list from the server and saving it in a tmp file).

Also I do not know why I am getting write errors in the logs as the
directories exist and delegate has write access to them.


William H. Geiger III
Geiger Consulting    Cooking With Warp 4.0

Author of E-Secure - PGP Front End for MR/2 Ice
PGP & MR/2 the only way for secure e-mail.
OS/2 PGP 5.0 at:

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