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PAM support
  04/13 . 0760  Albert Uy [6]
___ Greetings! A good day to you. Does DeleGate support PAM? Thanks in Advance.
Delegate 6.1.6 & RH Linux 5.2
  04/13 . 0761  Matthew Massena [45]
___ I'm trying to compile Delegate 6.1.6 on Red Hat Linux 5.2 When I run Make I get the message: "Makefile:2: commands commence before first target. Stop." Does anyone have any idea how I must go about
Typo report
  04/16 . 0762  Derrick Coetzee [35]
___ I'm probably sending this to the wrong place but I'm just helping you Delegate guys with your English a bit... in the Telnet proxy help you misspelled "disconnect" as "dissconnect" :-) Fix if you fe
  04/17 . 0763  Yutaka Sato [16]
___ You seem to mention about some ancient versions of DeleGate... Although I never think that the current version (6.1) is complete, I'm sure it is much better than any ancient ones, thus I wish if I c
DeleGate Authorization servers
  04/18 . 0764  Albert C. Uy [25]
___ Greetings! A good day to you. i would like to know if it is possible to use an LDAP/RADIUS/netware NDS server as an authorization server for DeleGate. Thanks in advance for your response. Live Long
Delegate 6.1.6
  04/18 . 0765  Matt Massena [32]
___ Found my mistake. Thanks anyway. Matt
proxy authorization
  04/18 . 0766  Igor Kononov [8]
___ Hello! I use upstream http proxy with authorization - can i configure DeleGate to do it? (may be as "login" directive in squid parent configuration?) Thanks... Igor Kononov ik@altavista..
DeleGate/6.1.8 -- bug fix (FTP, HTTP)
  04/19 . 0767  Yutaka Sato [34]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.8.tar.gz DATE: Apr 19 15:58 JST 2000 SIZE: 907461 bytes MD5: e505f1
Compiling on Solaris/SPARC
  04/19 . 0768  Michael Smirnov [46]
___ I cannot comile delegate6.1.7 on Solaris 2.5/SPARC: /new/distr/ftpproxies/delegate/delegate6.1.7/mkmake -makeat .../lib/library.a .../rary library.a "make" libx MAKE="make" SHELL="/bin/sh" CC="cc" C
Nice work
  04/19 . 0769  M.N. [31]
___ Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your efforts
Re: Compiling on Solaris/SPARC
  04/20 . 0770  Yutaka Sato [46]
___ Maybe the error occurs because "struct sigaction" is not defined in your compilation environment. I can't figure out the reason because it is to be defined in <sys/signal.h> in the standard environm
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