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[DeleGate-En] nntp/radius feature
27 May 2000 04:36:04 GMT Mike Jackson <>

I'm running Delegate 6.1.11 and using it as a nntp proxy.  I have a
quite extensive access list to control access
to my news resources, but I have users that are sometimes outside IP
addresses that I own or allow access

I'd like to have the user prompted for a username/password in their news
reader (AUTHINFO) and then I'd
to take the username/password pair and query my radius server to
determine if authentication is suscessful.  If
they authenticate, then I'd like to allow them to talk to the real news
server via the proxy just as if they
matched the IP
access list.

I have the C code to query the radius server, but before I make patches
to the delegate code, I thought that I
ask to see if this has already been done, is being done, or is planned.

I would imagine that this could also be done for other protocols but it
may not be as useful as it would be with

Mike Jackson <>

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