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[DeleGate-En] Re: Question about delegate software, using SSLway, etc. (fwd)
29 Sep 2000 18:05:30 GMT Christine Ye <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:38:26 -0700
From: Christine Ye <>
Subject: Re: Question about delegate software, using SSLway, etc.

Dear Mr. Sato, 
 Just want to let you know that I figured out what I did wrong using
SSLway for SSL connection. I tested three different connections, they
all worked well. What a great software!!!
 Here is how I configured, 

1). ssl-client -> non-ssl-server

 netscape messager (IMAP protocol with SSL secure connection) 
    delegated -P993 Server=imap://imap-server:143 FCL="sslway -ac"
      --> imap-server:143 (non-ssl)

2). non-ssl-client -> ssl-server

 netscape messager (IMAP protocol without SSL secure connection) 
    delegated -P143 Server=imap://imap-server:993 FCL="sslway -co"
      --> imap-server machine runs SSL server tunnel:993 
                              and imap-server:143

3). ssl-client -> ssl-server

 netscape messager (IMAP protocol SSL secure connection) 
    delegated -P993 Server=imap://delegate-proxy:8993 FCL="sslway -ac"
    delegated -P8993 Server=imap://imap-server:993 FSV="sslway -co"
      --> imap-server machine runs SSL server tunnel:993 
                              and imap-server:143

 PS, when you have time, could you drop me a few lines about the
question 1 & 2 from previous 
e-mail. Thanks, 





Christine Ye wrote:
> Dear Mr. Sato,
>  Currently I am evaulating some proxy softwares for my company, and yor
> delegate is on the list. After spending a couple of days running this
> program, I am very impressed by your product. If you don't mind, may I
> ask you a couple questions about delegate.
>  We are a mail server software company, and looking for a software
> acting as a frontend proxy for dispatching e-mail retrieving  and
> delivering requests. The backend servers can be imap/pop/smtp servers.
> When frontend proxy server receives a request from a client, depends on
> the user name and domain name, proxy will dispatch the request to the
> proper backend server.
>  1. For delegate acts as imap/pop proxy server,
>  if I start this,
>  #delegated -P110 server=pop
>  %telent proxy-server 110
>  ......
>  user cye@sendmail..
>  ......
>  If cye has mailbox on pop-server machine, then it works fine. But if I
> want to retrieve mails by giving the e-mail address
> instead of machine name, then it fails because doesn't have
> a mailbox of cye. Is there way to achieve this from delegate
> configuration file or setting up?
>  I notice you have SMTPGATE machiem for this purpose. I created a conf
> file as this,
>   INHERIT: sendmail
>   ACCEPT/From: !%, !MAILER_DAEMON@, !
>   OUTPUT/to:
>  The smtp proxy works exactly what I wanted. It sends the request to
> host with e-mail address
>  Is there similar way I can for imap/pop proxy server?
>  2. If I want to store conf information in a ldap server database, can
> delegate support this?
>  This is a question for using SSLway. What I need is to set up IMAP
> proxy with SSL to accept the connection from clinets using netscape
> messenger. I followed your instructions to create SSLway program, and
> start the IMAP with this:
>  turbo-1#./delegated -v -P143 SERVER=imap FCL=sslway
>  When I enabled the "SSL connection" on netscape messenger side, the
> pop-up
> window shows:
>   Netscape's network connection was refused by the server
> The server may not be accepting
> connections or may be busy.
>  If I don't enable the "SSL connection" on netscape messenger side, the
> server complains about:
>   .......
>  ## SSLway[28522](eme110-177.Sendmail.COM) accept failed
>   28522:error:140760FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown
> protocol:s23_srvr.c:557:
>   09/27 13:56:38.47 [28521] 1+0: PollIn.POLLHUP (6) errno=0
>   09/27 13:56:38.47 [28521] 1+0: PollIn(6,10000) = POLLHUP
>   09/27 13:56:38.47 [28521] 1+0: C: EOF"
> Could you give me some suggestions how to correct this?
> Thank you very much for your time and help,
> Best wishes,
> Christine

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