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[DeleGate-En] exact settings for ICQ ?
17 Oct 2000 18:41:37 GMT "The_Walrus" <>


Firstly I have to say that DeleGate is truly a wonderful program, thank you
mr Sato.

I have DeleGate running on a windows machine, and my Linux machine as a
client (a backward step I know, but for reasons to lengthy to go into here).

I have managed to get ICQ to work on Linux (various ICQ clones)...with:

-P4 SERVER=udeprelay://

This works well and I can receive and send messages without any problem,
but I understanf that I need to use SOCKS to be able to chat.
I find the manual to be a bit unclear (for me) in this respect.

-P1080 SERVER=socks

does not seem to work, ICQ cannot seem to connect even if I specify the

Do I require any other settings for socks ? What will allow me to use ICQ
chat ?

Thank you in advance.

Dirk Meerkoter

Free email with personality! Over 200 domains!

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