LOGO Admin Administration of the Newsgroup `delegate-ja'

The newsgroup is SUBSCRIBED for anonymous users, decided by majority of users themselves. See the Access Control List for more detail. You may be able to change the decision by voting as an administrator. See Guide for Administrators below.

Guide for Administrators

The accessibility for target resources via this DeleGate server is controlled by a set of Gateway Access Control Lists (GACL) which are deposited by administrators. You can be an administrator of anonymous users to control their accessibility. If you wish to join the administrators, deposit your own GACL by following steps. When it is accepted without error, your GACL immediately becomes active and starts to be used by the DeleGate server for its access control.

CAUTION: Current version of GACL is very tentative both in the format and protocol. Thus it may be changed totally in near future and your GACL may be discarded when the version changes.

GACL Format

ACL-Version: GACL/0.1
Admin-Class: anonymous
User-Class: anonymous
Base-URL: nntp://news.server/

On:  news.group1
Off: news.group2