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DeleGate is a multi-purpose application level gateway, or a proxy server which runs on multiple platforms (Unix, Windows and MacOS X). DeleGate mediates communication of various protocols (HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, Telnet, SOCKS, DNS, etc.), applying cache and conversion for mediated data, controlling access from clients and routing toward servers. It translates protocols between clients and servers, applying SSL(TLS) to arbitrary protocols, converting between IPv4 and IPv6, merging several servers into a single server view with aliasing and filtering. Born as a tiny proxy for Gopher in March 1994, it has steadily grown into a general purpose proxy server. Besides being a proxy, DeleGate can be used as a simple origin server for some protocols (HTTP, FTP and NNTP).
*  Latest Topics 

Latest Topics of DeleGate
2014-08-13 DeleGate/9.9.11 -- new stable version
Users of DeleGate as a HTTP origin server are recommended to move to this version.
2014-07-21 DeleGate/9.9.10 -- new stable version
Users of DeleGate as a HTTP proxy chained to upstream proxies are strongly recommended to move to this version.
2014-06-16 DeleGate/9.9.9 -- new stable version
Users of DeleGate as a HTTP proxy are strongly recommended to move to this version.
2014-06-09 DeleGate/9.9.9-pre2 -- support for OpenSSL-1.X
A beta release to fix and extend basic functionalities including linking with OpenSSL-1.X.
2014-06-02 Don't be super-user unless it is really necessary.
Being a super-user is dangerous, DeleGate has a device to avoid it.
2014-05-22 How to reply to an article in the DeleGate forum
A guide for you to send a feedback message to the forum (to be shared among users and the developer of DeleGate) ...
2014-05-18 DeleGate/9.9.9-pre1 -- smoother SSLtunnel
Try this version if you are using DeleGate as a HTTPS proxy. Older versions suffer from frequent SSL disconnections that makes it almost unusable.
2014-05-12 DeleGate/9.9.8 -- new STABLE version
Move to this version especially if you are using DeleGate as a FTP proxy, or a HTTP proxy, or using it on Windows.

Yutaka Sato @ DeleGate.ORG
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*  Version History 
ReleaseNotes(9, X) Download( Source Binaries ) Install Tutorial Usages

DGX50-40.gif DeleGate 10 -- development version --
2014-05 10.0.0 [alpha] History viewer (with guide), revival of RFC search
flrg9.jpg DeleGate 9 -- maintenance version --
Version History of DeleGate version 9
2014-09 9.9.12 [STABLE] fixes for REJECT, MIME, SSI, yysh/Win
2014-08 9.9.11 [STABLE] fixes for HTTP reverse proxy and origin server
2014-07 9.9.10 [STABLE] revival of yysh, HTTP proxy chaining
2014-06 9.9.9 [STABLE] smooth SSLtunnel, with OpenSSL-1.X
2014-05 9.9.8 [STABLE] FTPxHTTP, DYCONF, FTP Bounce
2010-03 9.9.7 [STABLE] yysh, yyMUX, X proxy, easy proxy for MS-Windows
2009-11 9.9.6 [STABLE] building without C++
2009-09 9.9.5 [STABLE] portability fixes, fast HTTP proxy (SERVER=http-sp)
2009-07 9.9.4 [STABLE] fixes for freezing in SSL and gzip
2009-05 9.9.3 [STABLE] fixes and HTTP Connection Cache
2009-03 9.9.2 [STABLE] fixes
2009-01 9.9.1 [STABLE] fixes and M17N extension
2008-11 9.9.0 [STABLE] stable version with CAPSKEY and HTMUX
2008-10 9.8.6 restriction (MITM, VSAP) and fixes (SSL, CFI, HTTP cache)
2008-07 9.8.2 name based reverse proxy and NAT based transparent proxy
2008-02 9.8.2 porting to Windows Mobile/CE, SSH/Telnet gateway
2007-11 9.8.1 minor fixes and mail routing to MX
2007-10 9.8.0 clustering of origin/proxy servers, SSL Server Name Indication
2007-11 9.7.7 [STABLE] 2007/11/12 stable version
2007-06 9.6.2 thread based fast SSL gateway and smooth gzip/HTTP encoding
2007-02 9.4.4 MOUNT for XML in request body (reverse proxy for SOAP)
2007-02 9.4.3 fixed routing UDP and FTP over SOCKS, forwarding with auth.
2007-01 9.4.2 writing your own auth command, JIS char mapping and conversion
2006-12 9.4.1 SocksTap: transparent proxy of HTTP/FTP/NNTP/... over SOCKS
2006-12 9.4.0 authentication and capability control implanted in the executable file
2006-12 9.3.2 [STABLE] 2006/12/21
2006-09 9.2.4 Five times lighter MITM, multiplexed SOCKS, SOCKS over SSL
2006-07 9.2.3 syslog support, times faster CFI on Win, Man-In-The-Middle mode
2006-06 9.2.2 enabled huge files over 4GB in FTP and HTTP (demo)
2006-05 9.2.0 Cookie encryption and filtering, Access counter and statistics (demo)
2006-03 9.1.1 [STABLE] 2006/03/29
2006-03 9.0.6 anonymizing NNTP articles, tracking SPAMmers, routing DNS
2005-12 9.0.5 'visual DeleGate' for remote administration and configuration (demo)
2005-08 9.0.4 gateway for sftp/SSH to FTP and HTTP
2005-07 9.0.3 non-SSL (ex. Skype) blocker in SSL-tunnel, encrypted configuration
2005-05 9.0.1 Ten Times Lighter SSL (demo) and other Improved SSL Support
2005-04 9.0.0 IPv6 Support
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  • Feedback/Q&A in English (READ), in Japanese (yomu.gif / yomu.gif) search
  • Features: IPv6, SockMux, filtering, reverse proxy, TLS, SSL, SSH, SOCKS, CFI, ICP
  • Copyright, Pricing, Licensing
  • What is DeleGate? What was DeleGate?
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, FTP, NNTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, Telnet, LDAP, SOCKS, SSL, Wais, X, LPR, ICP, ...
  • Supported platforms: Unix, Windows 8/7/XP/2K/NT, Windows Mobile/CE, OS/2
  • Source distribution:*.tar.gz [How to make]
  • Binary distribution: Beta, Win32, Linux, MacOSX BSD, Solaris, and [OS/2]
  • Tutorial for the first glance
  • Reference manual
  • Supported standards
  • Referrers of this page
  • A HTTP proxy survey, The Web Server Survey, Internet Domain Survery, ISOC
  • History of Updates
  • History of Growth: Code size, Distribution
  • DeleGate in Books, Papers, Patents, Rankings
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