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 History of DeleGate Updates
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Current Development Version
2014-05-00 DeleGate/10.0.0 History Viewer

Current Stable Version
2014-07-21 DeleGate/9.9.10 revival of yysh, HTTP proxy chaining
2014-06-16 DeleGate/9.9.9 smooth SSLtunnel, OpenSSL-1.X
2014-05-12 DeleGate/9.9.8 FTPxHTTP, DYCONF, FTP Bounce
2010-03-31 DeleGate/9.9.7 yysh, yyMUX, X proxy, easy proxy for MS-Windows
2009-11-30 DeleGate/9.9.6 building without C++, fixes for portability
2009-09-30 DeleGate/9.9.5 fixes for portability, a fast HTTP proxy
2009-07-31 DeleGate/9.9.4 fixes for frozen or broken DeleGate in SSL or gzip
2009-05-12 DeleGate/9.9.3 fixes and HTTP Connection Cache
2009-03-15 DeleGate/9.9.2 fixes
2009-01-22 DeleGate/9.9.1 fixes and extensions (M17N, ipfw, ...)
2008-11-24 DeleGate/9.9.0 CAPSKEY and HTMUX

Old Development Version
2008-10-20 DeleGate/9.8.6 restriction (MITM, VSAP) and fixes (SSL, CFI, HTTP cache)
2008-09-15 DeleGate/9.8.5 fixes for Windows
2008-09-04 DeleGate/9.8.4 fixes for WindowsCE, HTTP, SSL, authentication
2008-07-21 DeleGate/9.8.3 fixes for name based reverse proxy and Windows Mobile/CE
2008-07-18 DeleGate/9.8.2 name based reverse proxy and porting to Windows Mobile/CE
2007-11-16 DeleGate/9.8.1 Fix for Windows, mail routing to MX
2007-11-03 DeleGate/9.8.0 clustering of origin/proxy servers, TLS Server Name Indication

Old Stable Version
2007-11-12 DeleGate/9.7.7 IPv6 on Windows and minor fixes
2007-10-28 DeleGate/9.7.6 fixes for HTTP/Solaris, SOCKS/Windows, and UDPrelay
2007-10-22 DeleGate/9.7.5 fixes for SEGV and freezing in HTTP
2007-10-08 DeleGate/9.7.4 fix for buffer overflow and support for chained SSL certificate
2007-10-03 DeleGate/9.7.3 fixed resource usage limit on memory shortage
2007-09-25 DeleGate/9.7.2 fixes for ignored SIGPIPE on Linux and Solaris
2007-09-18 DeleGate/9.7.1 fixes for frozen or broken DeleGate on Windows and FreeBSD
2007-09-09 DeleGate/9.7.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2007-08-08 DeleGate/9.6.3 multi-thread safe SSL and gzip+gunzip possibly with CFI
2007-06-20 DeleGate/9.6.2 minor fixes (FreeBSD, sftp/FTPS, POP/HTTP, etc.)
2007-06-08 DeleGate/9.6.1 minor fixes
2007-05-20 DeleGate/9.6.0 thread based fast SSL gateway and smooth gzip/HTTP encoding

Old Stable Version
2007-04-05 DeleGate/9.5.6 fixes for MITM and Japanese character code conversion
2007-04-03 DeleGate/9.5.5 fixes for FTP data-connection, name resolution, etc.
2007-03-26 DeleGate/9.5.4 minor fixes for FTP and MITM
2007-03-22 DeleGate/9.5.3 minor fixes for JP char. conversion, improved receiving via slow line
2007-03-14 DeleGate/9.5.2 a minor fix for Japanese character code conversion
2007-03-05 DeleGate/9.5.1 minor fixes for Japanese character code conversion
2007-03-03 DeleGate/9.5.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2007-02-12 DeleGate/9.4.4 MOUNT for XML in request body (reverse proxy for SOAP)
2007-02-08 DeleGate/9.4.3 fixed routing UDP and FTP over SOCKS, generalized forwarding with auth.
2007-01-18 DeleGate/9.4.2 writing your own auth command, JIS char mapping and conversion
2006-12-13 DeleGate/9.4.1 SocksTap: transparent proxy of HTTP/FTP/NNTP/... over SOCKS
2006-12-04 DeleGate/9.4.0 editing implanted config. in the executalbe file, set-uid-on-exec

Old Stable Version
2006-12-21 DeleGate/9.3.2 fixed CGI/SHTML revealment, SEGV on Win. service STOP
2006-11-14 DeleGate/9.3.1 a fix for SSL session cache with client's certificate
2006-11-07 DeleGate/9.3.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2006-10-20 DeleGate/9.2.5 minor fixes for sftp, FTP, UDPrelay, SockMux, MASTER auth., Win
2006-09-05 DeleGate/9.2.4 Five times lighter MITM, multiplexed SOCKS, SOCKS over SSL
2006-07-16 DeleGate/9.2.3 syslog support, man-in-the-middle proxy, faster CFI on Win, abort on Win
2006-06-11 DeleGate/9.2.2 huge file (over 4GB) in FTP and HTTP, CFI on Windows
2006-05-15 DeleGate/9.2.1 fixes for HTTP Keep-Alive and CFI on Windows
2006-05-08 DeleGate/9.2.0 introduced Cookie encryption and Access counters

Old Stable Version
2006-03-29 DeleGate/9.1.1 minor fixes for HTTP, FTP/EPRT, DNS, STLS=fsv, and AUTHORIZER
2006-03-21 DeleGate/9.1.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2006-03-11 DeleGate/9.0.6 anonymizing NNTP articles, tracking SPAMmers, routing DNS
2005-12-07 DeleGate/9.0.5 total renewal of remote config. and admin. via HTTPS
2005-08-05 DeleGate/9.0.4 added gateway for sftp/SSH to FTP and HTTP clients
2005-07-26 DeleGate/9.0.3 added Skype brocker, encrypted config., extended CHARSET conv., etc.
2005-05-18 DeleGate/9.0.2 fixed IPv6 name resolution, fixed make problems on 64bits machine, etc.
2005-05-03 DeleGate/9.0.1 supported dynamic linker and improved SSL performance
2005-04-22 DeleGate/9.0.0 IPv6 support

Old Stable Version
2006-03-23 DeleGate/8.11.6 fixed DNS problems
2005-07-07 DeleGate/8.11.5 coped with HRS, fixes for Win32 (freezing, filters and log directory)
2005-05-20 DeleGate/8.11.4 fixed compilation problems, UDP/SocksV5, obsoleted X-Locking header
2005-04-22 DeleGate/8.11.3 fixed permission for SSLtunnel and STLS, Cookie to/from HTTPS/HTTP
2005-04-04 DeleGate/8.11.2 fixes for Windows, HTTP, MOUNT, etc.
2005-03-16 DeleGate/8.11.1 fixed I/O timeout, virtual host & transparent proxy, coped with non-C99
2005-02-22 DeleGate/8.11.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2005-02-08 DeleGate/8.10.6 fixed relaying POST and gzip on HTTP, symlink on Win32 (8.10.3)
2005-01-27 DeleGate/8.10.5 fixed STARTTLS for SMTP and binary I/O with VC++
2005-01-13 DeleGate/8.10.4 STARTTLS in each application protocol and STLS parameter
2004-12-14 DeleGate/8.10.3 fixed a lot of overflows on arrays of char, pointers, and structures
2004-10-22 DeleGate/8.10.2 become suitable to be compiled and run with Bounds-Checking Gcc
2004-10-12 DeleGate/8.10.1 qualified with "const", coped with OS/2
2004-10-08 DeleGate/8.10.0 rewritten in ANSI/ISO C/C++

Old Stable Version
2004-09-15 DeleGate/8.9.6 fix for SSLway, CFI, AUTHORIZER, FTP, Resolvy, Socks5, added XML MOUNT, interface for FreyaSX, etc.
2004-06-09 DeleGate/8.9.5 fix for Win32 (8.9.4),virtual host (8.9.3),added JIS to ASCII conv,etc.
2004-05-18 DeleGate/8.9.4 added service shutdown on abort in child process, fixed FTP, gzip/HTTP
2004-05-05 DeleGate/8.9.3 added SMTPCONF=callback, fixed SSLway, FTP+SSL, Telnet, Tcprelay, etc.
2004-03-04 DeleGate/8.9.2 extended CFI, supported SWF MOUNT, fixed FTP, making with SSL
2004-02-02 DeleGate/8.9.1 fixed proxy-HTTP for authentication and SSLtunnel (8.9.0)
2004-01-28 DeleGate/8.9.0 fixes for HTTP, SSLway and SMTP

Old Beta Version
2004-01-18 DeleGate/8.8.9 added SMTPGATE "Errors-To:", "/-/admin/account", etc.
2004-01-14 DeleGate/8.8.8 restricted SSLtunnel(CONNECT) usage, fixed SockMux, Digest Auth., etc.
2004-01-03 DeleGate/8.8.7 fixed DGAuth in background, AUTHORIZER MountOption, etc.
2003-12-31 DeleGate/8.8.6 extended Credhy and SockMux
2003-12-30 DeleGate/8.8.5 extended CHROOT support, fix for SockMux, etc.
2003-12-14 DeleGate/8.8.4 improvement of Credhy and SockMux
2003-12-08 DeleGate/8.8.3 porting to MacOSX and SunOS4, fixes for SockMux and SEGV in NNTP
2003-11-29 DeleGate/8.8.2 fixed SockMux and CFI Filter (8.8.1)
2003-11-28 DeleGate/8.8.1 introduced "Credhy" encryption with Diffie-Hellman key agreement
2003-11-18 DeleGate/8.8.0 supported Digest authentication, session management, UDP over SockMux

Old Stable Version
2003-11-29 DeleGate/8.7.8 fixed SSLTUNNEL and FTP+SRCIF (8.4.0)
2003-11-11 DeleGate/8.7.7 fixed HTTP Proxy-Authorization leak, bugs in FTP/HTTP, CFI, etc.
2003-10-30 DeleGate/8.7.6 fixed SOCKS server with MASTER (DNS), HTTP with MYAUTH and AUTHORIZER
2003-10-26 DeleGate/8.7.5 fixed JavaScript MOUNT, multipart/NNTP MOUNT, and FTP/HTTP gateway
2003-10-20 DeleGate/8.7.4 fixed slow HTTP with server-side Keep-Alive
2003-10-03 DeleGate/8.7.3 fixed making sslway on Win32 or with non OpenSSL (SSLeay) library
2003-10-01 DeleGate/8.7.2 fixed UDP/SOCKS relay between DeleGates
2003-09-27 DeleGate/8.7.1 fixed SEGV in HTTP with filter, added UDP/SOCKS relay between DeleGates
2003-09-24 DeleGate/8.7.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2003-09-16 DeleGate/8.6.8 fixed restarting service and increased stack limit
2003-09-10 DeleGate/8.6.7 fixed SEGV in SOCKS5
2003-09-08 DeleGate/8.6.6 fixes for DNS and HTTP Keep-Alive, porting to DEC-Alpha and MacOSX
2003-08-29 DeleGate/8.6.5 fixed stopping as a service on Win32 (8.6.3) and introduced PAM/sslway
2003-08-29 DeleGate/8.6.4 fixed restarting as a service on Win32 (8.6.3)
2003-08-28 DeleGate/8.6.3 introduced PAM (AUTHORIZER=-pam/passwd), -a/host, BASEURL=http://-vhost
2003-08-03 DeleGate/8.6.2 fixed MOUNT for BASE tag (8.6.0)
2003-08-02 DeleGate/8.6.1 fixed garbage tags inserted into HTML/HTTP by MOUNT (8.6.0)
2003-08-01 DeleGate/8.6.0 introduced MOUNT for JavaScript, CHARSET=guess

Old Stable Version
2003-08-06 DeleGate/8.5.9 fixed HTTP, FTP and SOCKS
2003-07-25 DeleGate/8.5.8 fixed unnecessary messages on -Fkill-hup (8.5.7)
2003-07-24 DeleGate/8.5.7 fixed restarting by "-r", SEGV on method restriction
2003-07-19 DeleGate/8.5.6 fixed SEGV on dup. free(7.0.1), SSLway+SSLTUNNEL(8.4.0), UDP/Socks, AUTHORIZER, etc.
2003-05-28 DeleGate/8.5.5 fixed LDAP, HTTP, and CRON with leap-seconds
2003-05-09 DeleGate/8.5.4 fixed port binding (since 7.4.2) and error message (8.4.0)
2003-04-22 DeleGate/8.5.3 fixed DNS, LDAP, SMTPGAE, and HTTP with proxy-auth. (8.4.0)
2003-03-19 DeleGate/8.5.2 fixes for HTTP-gateway and FTP-proxy with PERMIT (since 8.4.0)
2003-03-14 DeleGate/8.5.1 fixes for SMTP (AUTH PLAIN), DNS and HTTP
2003-03-06 DeleGate/8.5.0 new stable version

Old Development Version
2003-03-05 DeleGate/8.4.1 fixes for HTTP / PERMIT (8.4.0), DNS server stall on Win32, etc.
2003-02-19 DeleGate/8.4.0 bind(privileged port) by command, access control by method, etc.

Old Stable Version
2003-02-21 DeleGate/8.3.4 fixes for forwarding HTTP to MASTER, invoking CFI, VSAP, etc.
2003-01-16 DeleGate/8.3.3 fixes for FTP, NNTP, HTTP, porting to Win32, etc.
2003-01-01 DeleGate/8.3.2 fixed SEGV on heavy load (since 8.2.2) and select() loop on Win32
2002-12-30 DeleGate/8.3.1 fix for making on OS/2 and a fix for "gzip" on Win9X
2002-12-27 DeleGate/8.3.0 new stable version

Old Alpha Version
2002-12-23 DeleGate/8.2.5 SockMux fixes and extension
2002-12-22 DeleGate/8.2.4 SockMux fixes and extension
2002-12-21 DeleGate/8.2.3 SockMux fixes and extension
2002-12-20 DeleGate/8.2.2 introduced "SockMux" socket multiplexer protocol
2002-12-12 DeleGate/8.2.1 fixed MOUNT and CFI
2002-12-03 DeleGate/8.2.0 introduced conditional parameter and pseudo host name for AF_UNIX

Old Stable Version
2002-11-27 DeleGate/8.1.0 new stable version

Old Alpha Version
2002-11-25 DeleGate/8.0.11 changes about HTTP cache and NNTP/HTTP gateway, etc.
2002-11-13 DeleGate/8.0.10 changes for CFI, restarting on configuration error, etc.
2002-11-06 DeleGate/8.0.9 supported HTTP Content-Encoding:gzip to client
2002-11-01 DeleGate/8.0.8 supported HTTP Content-Encoding:gzip from server
2002-10-22 DeleGate/8.0.7 fixes for NNTP and MOUNT
2002-10-11 DeleGate/8.0.6 changes for HostList by host and auth, ext. for ABOR/FTP
2002-10-08 DeleGate/8.0.5 fixes for CFI, PASV/FTP/Socks and extension for ftp://u*h@p
2002-09-30 DeleGate/8.0.4 changed SERVER default, improved restarting on Win32
2002-09-20 DeleGate/8.0.3 fix for SERVER=delegate
2002-09-18 DeleGate/8.0.2 fix for SERVER=delegate
2002-09-17 DeleGate/8.0.1 changes for default configurations (SERVER, etc.) and parameter spec.
2002-09-13 DeleGate/8.0.0 changes for default configurations, CFI extension, Win32 fixes, etc.

Old Stable Version
2002-09-22 DeleGate/7.9.13 fix for SERVER=delegate
2002-09-08 DeleGate/7.9.12 fixed for FTP proxy auth., buffer overflows, etc.
2002-08-26 DeleGate/7.9.11 fixes for Win32 bugs, CSS vulnerability, etc.
2002-07-20 DeleGate/7.9.10 fixes for HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive, adaptation to OS/2, Win32, etc.
2002-06-28 DeleGate/7.9.9 extensions for HTTP, -r option, etc.
2002-06-25 DeleGate/7.9.8 fixes for SMTP, HTTP, extensions of HOSTLIST, HTTPCONF, etc
2002-06-18 DeleGate/7.9.7 fixes for Win32 service and AUTHORIZER cache
2002-06-14 DeleGate/7.9.6 fixes for MOUNT, AUTH TLS for FTP, udprelay, etc.
2002-05-22 DeleGate/7.9.5 fixes for freezing on Win32 and reloading by HTTP/1.1
2002-05-07 DeleGate/7.9.4 fixes for WinXP, VSAP, etc.
2002-04-05 DeleGate/7.9.3 fixes for fixes for NNTP, CFI srcipt, SMTP EHLO, IMAP, etc.
2002-03-11 DeleGate/7.9.2 fixes for origin-HTTP, chained DeleGate, Win32 DHCP DNS, etc.
2002-03-04 DeleGate/7.9.1 a fix for 7.9.0 (NNTP/HTTP gateway)
2002-03-04 DeleGate/7.9.0 fixes for logfile on Win32, extension of SRCIF for ftp-data, etc.

Old Alpha Version
2002-02-26 DeleGate/7.8.3 extended SRCIF, SRCIF for FTP data, modified UDP/SOCKS, etc.
2002-02-06 DeleGate/7.8.2 fixes for FTP MOUNT, extension of SRCIF for SOCKS/BIND, etc.
2002-01-05 DeleGate/7.8.1 a fix for FTP proxy
2001-12-28 DeleGate/7.8.0 HOSTLIST, non-anonymous FTP MOUNT, etc

Old Stable Version
2001-11-28 DeleGate/7.7.1 a fix for OS/2
2001-11-22 DeleGate/7.7.0 extensions for Socks (Socks4A and FORWARD=socks)

Old Alpha Version
2001-11-20 DeleGate/7.6.2 fixes for MOUNT, SMTP, SOCKS and extensions for HTTP, SSLway.
2001-11-01 DeleGate/7.6.1 extensions for filtering HTTP headers and HTML tags, etc.
2001-10-24 DeleGate/7.6.0 extensions for MOUNT, FORWARD, DNS, Win32, etc.

Old Stable Version
2001-10-11 DeleGate/7.5.4 fixed CFI, etc.
2001-09-27 DeleGate/7.5.3 fixed HTTP, MOUNT, etc.
2001-08-31 DeleGate/7.5.2 fixed HTTP and LDAP
2001-08-27 DeleGate/7.5.1 fixed MOUNT for HTTP/1.1
2001-08-23 DeleGate/7.5.0 fixed FTP/HTTP, -Phost:port on Win32

Old Alpha Version
2001-08-19 DeleGate/7.4.2 fixed HTTP MOUNT, CFI, etc.
2001-07-23 DeleGate/7.4.1 fixed C-S-S, POP/NNTP, VSAP, etc.
2001-07-11 DeleGate/7.4.0 -Fauth, SMTP-AUTH, Socks-AUTH, virtual host, etc.

Old Stable Version
2001-07-10 DeleGate/7.3.5 fixed FTP, CMAP+CFI and BackTrace
2001-06-29 DeleGate/7.3.4 fixed CFI and BackTrace
2001-06-26 DeleGate/7.3.3 fixed CMAP and CFI
2001-06-18 DeleGate/7.3.2 fixed HTTP and FTP
2001-05-16 DeleGate/7.3.1 fixed SSLway and FTP, supported AUTH TLS
2001-04-27 DeleGate/7.3.0 new stable version

Old Beta Version
2001-04-26 DeleGate/7.2.2 new SRCIF and fixes (MOUNT, SMTP, etc)
2001-04-06 DeleGate/7.2.1 one-way MOUNT, virtual hosting, and fixes.
2001-03-23 DeleGate/7.2.0 cleaned up obsolete codes

Old Stable Version
2001-03-10 DeleGate/7.1.2 fix for using DeleGate via slow line
2001-03-02 DeleGate/7.1.1 small fixes for HTTP and SSLway
2001-02-22 DeleGate/7.1.0 new stable version with small changes

Old Beta Version
2001-02-15 DeleGate/7.0.1 randomized text, STARTTLS, MOUNT extension, etc.
2001-01-10 DeleGate/7.0.0 reduced static data area

Old Stable Version
2000-12-20 DeleGate/6.1.22 fixed SMTP, FTP, DNS, etc
2000-11-28 DeleGate/6.1.21 fixed FTP data transfer, HTTP MOUNT, etc.
2000-10-30 DeleGate/6.1.20 RELAY=nojava and fix (SSLway, SMTP)
2000-10-16 DeleGate/6.1.19 extended SSLway, CFI, IMAP
2000-09-06 DeleGate/6.1.18 extended SSLway, HostList, bug fix
2000-07-14 DeleGate/6.1.17 repaired and extended CFI
2000-06-28 DeleGate/6.1.16 repaired TUNNEL and FTP
2000-06-21 DeleGate/6.1.15 IMAP proxy and bug fix (SMTPGATE, FTP, Linux, AIX)
2000-06-15 DeleGate/6.1.14 ICP+FTP and bug fix (FTP, Ident, CFI)
2000-06-08 DeleGate/6.1.13 AUTHORIZER for FTP,NNTP and bug fix
2000-06-01 DeleGate/6.1.12 bug fix (NNTP, ICP, FTP, Telnet)
2000-05-22 DeleGate/6.1.11 urgent bug fix for 6.1.10
2000-05-08 DeleGate/6.1.10 bug fix (HTTP, Ident)
2000-04-27 DeleGate/6.1.9 bad-server detection & bad-header filtering
2000-04-19 DeleGate/6.1.8 bug fix (FTP, HTTP)
2000-04-12 DeleGate/6.1.7 bug fix (FTP/Socks, Shift-JIS, CGI-DeleGate)
2000-04-07 DeleGate/6.1.6 emergent fix for keep-alive with HTTP server
2000-04-05 DeleGate/6.1.5 SSI (Server Side Include) support
2000-03-27 DeleGate/6.1.4 minor extensions
2000-03-21 DeleGate/6.1.3 bug fix (SSLway,HTTPS,HTTP,FTP,Telnet)
2000-03-13 DeleGate/6.1.2 minor bug fix about HTTP/1.1
2000-03-08 DeleGate/6.1.1 minor bug fix about MOUNT
2000-03-03 DeleGate/6.1.0 new stable version with Manual.htm
2000-01-18 DeleGate/6.0.9 bug fix
2000-01-13 DeleGate/6.0.8 bug fix for portability(OS/2,SunOS4,Win95/98)
1999-12-21 DeleGate/6.0.7 Y2K bug fix, etc.
1999-12-14 DeleGate/6.0.6 event report by mail, bug fix, etc.
1999-12-07 DeleGate/6.0.5 emergent service stop on fatal signals (intrusion!?)
1999-12-02 DeleGate/6.0.4 trap and defeat intruder's execve()
1999-11-25 DeleGate/6.0.3 immediate rejection of invalid HTTP method
1999-11-20 DeleGate/6.0.2 SocksV5 server, stack base randomizer
1999-11-05 DeleGate/6.0.1 bug fix (make, Ident, MASTERs, etc.)
1999-10-30 DeleGate/6.0.0 DGROOT, LIBPATH, HTTP/1.1, SSI, etc.

Legacy Versions

Yutaka Sato @ DeleGate.ORG
, Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL), AIST, MITI, Japan